The journal Dacia was founded in 1924 by the great Romanian archaeologist, Vasile Pârvan, as the journal of the National Museum of Antiquities. Its first series appeared during 1924-1947 (under the name Dacia. Recherches et découvertes archéologiques en Roumanie), being thereafter banned by the Communist authorities.
            The new series started in 1957 (under the name Dacia. Revue d’archéologie et d’histoire ancienne), as a journal of the newly created Romanian Academy Institute of Archaeology. Our peer-reviewed journal publishes annually articles, short papers and book reviews, written in French, English, German or Italian on archaeological and historical topics, from early prehistory to the Middle Ages, including perspectives from other disciplines (art history, social sciences etc.) and focusing on South-Eastern Europe and the neighbouring areas.
The journal Dacia is internationally recognized as an important academic journal, having at present a number of 350 exchanges with archaeological, historical and classical journals from all over the world.